The Biscotti Holiday Gift Box Packaging Series: Savor the Season

Posted by on Dec 13, 2023 in Blog, Greeting Card Design, Packaging

The Biscotti are now available in a new Holiday Gift Box. Last year’s versionThe Biscotti Gift Box Packaging: Savor the Season was a hit with everyone, and I’m glad to continue this series.

The Gift Box is a 12 x 7 kraft box with a lid. The box is meant to be reusable; on the inside lid, I’ve suggested a few ideas and ways to creatively keep using it.

The package comes wrapped with an elegant organza ribbon and a blank hangtag so you can handwrite a personal little note to the recipient.

The box includes:

1 Dozen freshly baked Artisanal Organic, Gluten Free Biscotti nestled in the middle of the box

1 special Collector’s Bookmark

1 Greeting Card (which are components from a new series of Greeting Cards titled, ‘Come to Light’).

*This series of Greeting Cards has received an American Graphic Design Award for Card Design this year.

This project is printed and produced in the studio. It can be a local pick up or it can be shipped.

I believe you will appreciate the design and message. It is a delightful gift idea for anyone who appreciates a little something sweet with a little something beautiful and meaningful.

Feel welcome to call or write if you would like to know more details.

Wishing you a Grace and Ease for the Holiday Season.