I’m commissioned on projects from publishers, editors, editorial directors, authors, writers, creative professionals, creative directors, art directors, marketing professionals, managers, directors, health care professionals, and business owners.

Projects have multiple variables and often multiple components involved inside the Creative Design Development Process. It’s ok if you don’t exactly know what is needed or what’s involved. I can help you to organize it all so that you, know.


As a Creative Director, my Creative Services include:

Creative Direction and Art Direction

The creation of  consistency and congruency throughout all existing and new brand assets – verbally, visually, elementally – through strategic analysis and across all applications is the basis for clarity and greater results.

Cover and  Book Design, Identity and Package Design Development

The creation of  books, book covers, jackets, interior page layouts, PDF books and booklets, identities, logos, structural boxes, and various brand packaging creates presence.

Writing, Editorial, and  Copywriting Development

The creation of  existing and new brand text, headlines, titles, subtitles, descriptors, and any copy or communications throughout all materials creates meaning.

Marketing and  Business Collateral Development

The creation of  specific marketing pieces such as brochures, catalogs, media kits, posters, postcards, greeting cards, banners, and signs creates order.

Publishing, Production, and  Printing Development

The creation of  design, layouts, packages, and various materials produced, printed, or published with technical guidelines and templates at the printer or online creates products.


My Design Methodology

You can read more about my Design Methodology.

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