Jams & Jellies Cookbook

Category: Cookbook

Trim Size: 7 x 7
Page Count: 128 pages
Binding: Hardcover with Jacket; Casecover, Endpaper Design

Author: Pamela Bennett

Publisher: Gibbs Smith Publishing

Design Challenge
To make it stand out from other jam books. A competitive cover should show jam in an unexpected way. Accentuate the usage of jam and jellies, its social setting, and its texture so that it becomes an inviting experience rather than just a representation of jam in a jar.

The recipes are for signature homemade refrigerator jams that can be made in minimum amount of time and with maximum ease. The text elements and the recipe page layout structure should feel accessible and easy to read quickly.

The design should appeal and target women who do home canning, like to entertain at home, make homemade and handmade food at home to give as gifts, and gift shops that sell specialty jams, bakeries, cooking stores, and online bookstores.