Artisanal Biscotti

    Organic, Gluten Free, Artisan Quality Biscotti

    {2022 AWARD}
    American Graphic Design Award
    from Graphic Design USA
    Excellence in Communication and Graphic Design
    For Package and Label Design

    {2023 AWARD}
    American Package Design Award
    from Graphic Design USA
    Excellence in Communication and Graphic Design
    For Package and Label Design
    for the Biscotti Holiday Gift Box Packaging Series

    The Biscotti are the signature product in a new line of Organic, Gluten Free, Artisan Quality line of Baked Goods that I am developing. I'm designing the branding, packaging, and catalog for over a dozen products.

    The Catalog of Organic, Gluten Free Baked Goods includes:

    Banana Bread Loaf
    Blueberry Muffins
    Blueberry Muffin Minis
    Carrot Cake
    Carrot Cake Muffins
    Classic Coffee Cake
    Coffee Crumb Cake
    Crescent Moons
    Date Spheres
    Lemon Bars
    Linzer Tortes
    Pumpkin Muffins
    Shortbread Square
    Zucchini Bread Loaf
    Zucchini Muffins

    I made over ten thousand Biscotti. And then I stopped counting.

    They are 100% Organic, Gluten Free, and Artisanal. And made with 100% LOVE.

    I use only the finest, cleanest ingredients, and there are no chemicals, toxins, or fillers, clean as can possibly be. I have been eating and cooking completely organic and gluten free since 2005. I've studied functional medicine and nutrition since I was in my twenties. These are recipes that I started to make for my family so that we can actually eat them and feel good about it.

    Life circumstances continuously presented so that I could hear this call to refine this art and master these recipes. Creating through the art and science of baking became my sacred meditation time, my time to focus on my heart coherence to get through the most difficult time of my life. The recipients of my recipes have insisted that I brand these and offer this line to others not only for how they taste but also for their distinct energy, for how they make someone feel (they have a lightness of being that seems to illicit remarkable responses).

    I've chosen to master select recipes that I feel are so lovely, respectful of our precious hard-working bodies, and our detoxification pathways, while feeling authentically uplifting to our soul and spirit. This is the short summary; it's a bit of a long story, which is why my Menu by Demand has evolved into a full Catalog.

    Everything I create is handcrafted and cooked with absolute precision and exquisite craftsmanship, from the core of my heart center, and made fresh per order so they come out of the oven, on to the table to cool, then get packaged in kraft recyclable boxes, and delivered straight to your table.

    The Biscotti are packaged as a delightful dozen.

    They are also packaged in a 4-pack, or 6-pack, for Special Occasions and Events, which you can see in the photos with the hangtags and in a group here. These particular Biscotti shown in the group photos were included in a special gift box for a book launch event for my client's new book.

    I'll be writing more about the significance and origin of this creative flowing, plus all the other interesting details of this evolution in the Catalog, which is in progress, as is the branding and packaging.

    Until then, and by popular request, I've also been taking orders (by studio phone, mobile phone, text, or email). I include a handwritten note and greeting card in the order if it is gift.

    Also available is a Deluxe Gift Box that contains several of the full size options as well as several sample size boxes of various options. This has been a greatly appreciated choice for gifting – to give for special occasions, like a Birthday, or as a Get Well Gift, or as a Congratulations gift, or to give yourself to just try many things in an orderly and organized way.

    I'm working on adding several new items as well, coming soon.

    I've designed a line of Special Edition Gift Boxes for the Biscotti. It was originally for the holiday season but I've found that so many people love to give a gift all year through so I've designed one for each month, plus a selection for special occasions. Each box comes with a Collector's Edition Bookmark, and a Greeting Card (from several new greeting card series).

    Feel welcome to call or write if you would be interested in trying anything.

    You will be happy you did.


    {Also, feel welcome to let me know (call, text, or email) after you've tried the Biscotti or anything from the line.}

    The Biscotti are now available in a new Holiday Gift Box.

    Due to a wheat allergy, I have been gluten free for 10 years, and have desperately tried to find baked goods that taste like the items we find in regular bakeries. I had no success.

    Until a friend brought me a bag of these wonderful organic, gluten free biscotti, I couldn’t believe my taste buds. I honestly couldn’t believe they were gluten free. They are perhaps the best biscotti I have ever tasted, including what I’ve had in Italy. Everyone who tastes them agrees. Even if these biscotti weren’t gluten free, they would be the biscotti of choice. Delicious!!!

    Michelle has now expanded her line of baked goods, and I am the happiest person on the planet. Every gluten free item that she bakes is exceptional. No one would ever know they’re gluten free. The quality of ingredients surpasses most baked goods on the market.

    I cannot explain the joy that I, as well as my gluten-eating family and friends, feel every time Michelle delivers her baked goodies. We know we are in for an amazing treat.

    Now if I could just hide everything quickly enough --

    Silvia DelPriore


    I have been enjoying Michelle's biscotti – and shortbread, and have also had her banana bread – for some time. There is nothing better made by anyone or anywhere! It is the very best I have ever tasted. The most amazing gluten-free products I have ever had and I have been gluten-free for 15 years and have tasted just about all!

    Dona Straway


    I am lucky enough to know Michelle and to have savored her exquisite gluten free, organic baked goods. I share them with my family knowing that they are a treat worth having.

    Michelle bakes them with love and you can sense that in each bite. Her lemon bars are utterly delectable; her shortbread is melt-in-your mouth delicious; her crumb cake is divine.

    I know Michelle uses only the finest organic ingredients and this certainly contributes to the superior taste results of her unique recipes. It takes a little of the guilt out and adds more joy into eating something so incredibly delicious.

    They would make any occasion special, and knowing that they are gluten free and organic just makes them more special.

    Thank you so much!!

    Morag Kendall


    My family and I frequently enjoy the entire line of baked goods that Michelle creates. While we love them all, we each have different favorites: I love the biscotti and scones, my husband absolutely loves the macaroons and lemon bars, my son loves the crumb cake and date spheres, and my daughter and son-in-law love the mini blueberry muffins and shortbread. We all agree that each selection makes a wonderful treat.

    I can see and sense that there is quite a bit of care that goes into every item, and that, plus the subtle yet amazing flavor makes me feel the love that is in every bite. We also very much appreciate the fact that each bite is made with clean, organic ingredients that are healthy, low sugar, and gluten free, which are really important features for all of us.

    We love all of Michelle’s baked goods, and would highly recommend her entire line.

    Grace Kuiper


    While I don’t always have a sweet tooth, some days call for a flavorful pick-me-up that doesn't make me feel guilty. When the craving hits me, I don’t hesitate to reach for a small treat that Michelle cooked or baked. Afterwards, I don’t suffer any artificial aftertaste or crash, but instead enjoy a small boost of energy that also comes with just the right amount of sweetness.

    I also truly appreciate how every item is packaged with care and consistency; the presentation and packaging is always beautiful. I’m not sure I can choose just one, but my favorites are the hummus and date spheres because I love the energy boost I get from them (without the guilt).

    I would highly recommend the entire line, surely you’ll find a favorite, or maybe two, as well.

    Peter Kuiper


    Being that I am health conscious, I am usually reluctant to eat or try new “desserts”. Fortunately, I know Michelle personally and know how she has an innate understanding of how important it is to use only the best, cleanest, organic ingredients while making her delicious treats.

    Her lemon bars are my absolute favorite. They are filled with flavor and are just heavenly. They far surpass any I have gotten in a bakery. Her shortbread bars and crumb cake are a close second and are loved by everyone in my house.

    I so appreciate the time and care she takes to create these delicious treats.

    You can truly taste the love and care she puts into them.

    Maria Gerstenschlager


    There is only one word to describe Michelle's baked goods. DELICIOUS! Not only are they incredibly tasty but they are healthy as well. My personal favorites are the Scones and the Banana Bread. I have brought some of these into work and all of my colleagues love them also. Thank you, so much, Michelle.

    Rich Afflitto


    When I first met Michelle, I could sense that she was a passionate person. We talked about her family, her heritage, and how she baked with her Mom. After we got done doing work outside at her house she came out with these custom kraft bags filled with fresh, hot, delicious baked goods. She handed each one of us our own bag, and said she baked for us to thank us for our great work. Michelle still has that European hospitality where they don’t let their guests leave empty handed. The Biscotti, Shortbread Square, the Muffins, the Coffee Crumb Cake, and the Lemon Bars were in the bag – and I was Wowed! I asked her if she made all of them, and she said, ”Yes, I’m creating an entire new line of organic, gluten-free baked goods."

    I took the bags home and my family tasted each and every thing. We fell in love with everything, and placed an order that same night. We frequently reorder all of our favorites - including the Lemon Bars - and always completely enjoy each of them. We've been been her number one customer since.

    Joe and Nicole Almazi