Fluency: The Experience

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Fluency: The Experience

Fluency, A Series of Courses and Components by Lisa Gillispie, anatomyconversations.com

Fluency: Experience the Occiput

Fluency:  Experience the Intracranial Membranes and Ventricles

Fluency: Experience the CranioSacral Anatomy for Therapists

Lisa Gillispie, BSW, LMT, CST has been practicing craniosacral therapy since 1995. She works with infants, children, teens, and adults, to support them in finding greater ease and wellbeing in their body. With a background in dance, she is also a Healthy Foot Practitioner™ and a Restorative Exercise Specialist™. Integrating alignment work with craniosacral therapy, Lisa’s clients experience an empowering combination that supports their optimal health and overall wellbeing. Lisa also mentors other CranioSacral Therapists and designs courses of study – live workshops and online webinars – that are now also available for Continuing Education credits.

For this project, Lisa needed the Fluency experience to be represented as a series of ongoing collateral marketing materials that could be built upon as she created more courses. CranioSacral work is as multi-layered and in-depth as the deep self-awareness and connection to the self that the therapist practices. Lisa teaches and guides therapists to unfold the textured map under their hands for the advanced development of their own practice which in turn benefits the therapist’s clients.

The Design of Fluency

The design of Fluency is anchored in the testament to the rich anatomy that it is based on. A deep and vibrant palette of contrasting tonal values and the fluidity of line, texture, and typography communicate the passageways, intentional directionality, and pulse of the power of craniosacral energy as it illuminates channels and encourages flow.

In addition to the main identity for Fluency, the collateral materials I designed included multiple components such as posters, four-color and two-color workbooks, printed cards and printed worksheets to hand out at a conference, a greeting and thank you card, a postcard for mailing, slide show and webinar materials, and website components such as banners and sidebars. Lisa teaches online courses as well as live workshops across the country so the collateral materials are developed to be consistent and available for both scenarios and for existing students and potential new clients.

You can read more about Lisa’s experience of the design process and of working with me, here.