Mindful Design starts with organizing facts and creating order.


It’s great that you’re ready to move forward into action for your project. The {Project Request Form} is Step 1 in the Creative Design Development Process.

The {Project Request Form} has been designed to collect important and timely initial facts and details – like project objective, timing, and budget – as we begin our work together.

I efficiently evaluate your project specs, objectives, desired time frame, and budget to see if your expectations are a good match for my creative services, turnaround time, and design methodology.

My Design Methodology rests on a structure that supports me in doing my best, most thorough work for my clients. I maintain this creative structure for even the smallest projects. I carefully filter all project inquiries for those that align well with my methodology and to ensure that we are simpatico in terms of workflow, expectations, and business practices.

Once we determine that we are in alignment we will proceed to Step 2 of the Creative Process, the {Project Design Proposal}, a comprehensive illustration of the project scope, project timing and schedule, and project investment.

After the proposal is accepting and signed, Step 3 of the Creative Process, is the {Project Design Brief}, a comprehensive interactive PDF that will gather details that serve as a base for the main design work.

Once I receive the {Project Design Brief} I begin designing the project and checking in with you as each phase is completed.

To receive your {Project Request Form} click the email button in the Navigation bar and I will send you the PDF form.

Please note that I am generally booked 3 – 8 weeks out with projects and therefore I am unable to accommodate overnight turnarounds or rush requests. If your project requires a super quick turnaround time, or, if you are requesting projects with high-end criteria but a low-end budget, I’m not the right designer for your project.

I look forward to developing and creating Mindful Communication Design for you.