Tart Love Cookbook

Category: Cookbook

Trim Size: 8.5 x 10
Binding: Hardcover with Jacket; Casecover, Endpaper Design

Author: Holly Herrick
Photographer: Helene Dujardin

Publisher: Gibbs Smith Publishing

Priority of Cover Elements
1. Image
2. Title
3. Subtitle
4. Byline

Design Challenge
The cover design should communicate that the recipes in the book are both sweet and savory. The cover should create an easily identifiable distinction with the palette and title typography to differentiate it from the competition.

The interior book design must accommodate longer than usual recipes, however, the space should appear to have a clean-line, streamlined, easy-to-read look. The recipes have multiple level heads that should appear clear and distinguished. The overall visual tone of the book should be elegant, sophisticated, and sassy. The book design should accentuate and emphasize Helene's gorgeous photography.